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5G mobile communications system - The Federal Court rules in favor of Swisscom

The Federal Court dismisses an appeal in connection with the planned construction of a mobile communications facility by Swisscom with three adaptive 5G antennas in the canton of Bern. In doing so, it denies a violation of the precautionary principle under environmental protection law. The calculated forecast of mobile radiation was not objectionable in the present case and the measurement method recommended by the federal government as well as the quality assurance system proved to be suitable at the present time. The consequences that could result from the latest changes of the relevant ordinance of the Federal Council were not to be examined - it should be noted that the provisions regarding immission and installation limit values were not changed.

The coming decisions will show whether this is a leading decision with a signal effect, as has been headlined in the press, or merely a snapshot of the individual case in Steffisburg BE.

Source: Swiss Federal Court


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